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Virtual Dedicated Server Virtual Private Server VPS

virtual_private_server_vps_diagram A virtual dedicated server lets you run your sites as if it had its own server "dedicated" (virtual), except that it is actually cheaper because you are using only part of a server that has been divided into several "virtual dedicated servers" .

Most webmasters are familiar today with the theme of the accounts "shared" web hosting. A shared hosting account is given when you rent a small amount of space on a server that is shared by many other users.

This is a cheap way to start a website, but has many disadvantages, for example there are problems delivering mail due to complaints against other spam sites that share the same server. Your website will be grinding to a halt when someone makes a work of heavy database on your server. Might even find your site down because of a denial of service attack against a pirate hosting or piracy related material on the server (this type of sites attract antisocial elements.)

How to avoid all these problems?

The easiest way is to upgrade to a dedicated virtual server. As mentioned previously a virtual dedicated server lets you run your sites as if it had its own server "dedicated", except it is actually cheaper because it uses only a portion of a server that has been divided into multiple virtual dedicated servers.

A Virtual Server is actually a partition within a server that enables multiple virtual machines within that machine by means of various technologies. An operating system that supports this type of technology is Linux.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) using advanced virtualization technology, which allows you to provide root access and the ability to restart when you want, like a dedicated server. With the ability to install their own applications and fully control the configuration of your server, VPS represent an economical and efficient alternative for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server but still do not have the budget to do so.

You can find more information about this by searching Google for "Virtual Dedicated Hosting."

Virtuozzo is the commercial software is generally used to perform the services of virtual hosting division. More information on how to virtualize a server .

You will find virtual dedicated server accounts starting at $ 30 a month. Then you will get a much higher bandwidth compared to shared hosting, and none of the problems that arise with a shared server. You can also get multiple IP addresses unique to their sites.

So what's the catch? None. You'll probably spend a little more each month, just that. The main drawback of the upgrade to Virtual Dedicated Hosting is that it will have to be technically competent for you to manage your server.

It takes a little time to learn the skills needed in Linux to make sure that your server runs smoothly.

Many hosting providers have a "bonus" to provide support that includes a bit more support, it is recommended if you do not have much experience with Linux, or are new to virtual dedicated hosting.

With increased speed and bandwidth that a virtual dedicated host offers, and none of the headaches of shared hosting, is a measure of how you will never regret. The question now is, are you willing to take the challenge to take your site to a virtual dedicated hosting? the choice is yours ... If you need a hand our contact page is at your disposal.

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